As a Coach, I have been involved with nationally competitive baseball programs. The pressure is extreme on everyone. Coaches, players and parents are often walking a fine line between enjoyment and anxiety. The pressure can often lead players to resent the game and they burn out long before they reach their potential.

Baseball must be fun, instructional and challenging for a player to get the most out of it.

BASH will not hold group tryouts. If you are interested in playing you must contact us and we will set up a time to meet and see if we are a good fit for you as a player.



No travel baseball program can guarantee your player will go on to play in college. Although it is the dream of most travel ball players, it is difficult to accomplish.

Playing for top level teams is great, but playing against them is the most important experience you can have to help prepare you for the next level. This is why, as a player, you must challenge yourself by entering into competitive play against challenging competition. 

TROPHIES DON'T GET YOU INTO COLLEGE... YOU DO! Work hard in the classroom and hard on the field. Keep play fun, instructional and challenging!  

Contact BASH at or call/text 517-388-2364

There is no reason to break the bank on travel baseball. Too many programs travel the United States looking for "elite" tournaments. Those teams will charge thousands of dollars per player. That is ridiculous!

At BASH we are not concerned with winning trophies. Our interest lies in the instruction we can offer to each and every player in our program!